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Armbrust, R., Chen, F., Richter, R., Muallem, M.Z., Mustea, A., Holthaus, B., and Sehouli, J. (2021). Results of a German wide survey towards current surgical approach in early stage cervical cancer NOGGO MONITOR 11. Sci Rep 11, 9774.

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Sehouli, J., Mustea, A., Oskay-Özcelik, G., Keller, M., Richter, R., Tomé, O., Woopen, H., Sommer-Joos, A.-K., Grabowski, J.P., Armbrust, R., et al. (2021). Bevacizumab Combined with Platinum-Taxane Chemotherapy as First-Line Treatment for Advanced Ovarian Cancer: Results of the NOGGO Non-Interventional Study (OTILIA) in 824 Patients. Cancers (Basel) 13, 4739.

Trillsch, F., Mahner, S., Czogalla, B., Rottmann, M., Chekerov, R., Braicu, E.I., Oskay-Öczelik, G., Wimberger, P., Richter, R., and Sehouli, J. (2021). Primary platinum resistance and its prognostic impact in patients with recurrent ovarian cancer: an analysis of three prospective trials from the NOGGO study group.J Gynecol Oncol 32, e37.

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